Dentemp Premium Loose Cap and Lost Filling Repair

Dentemp Loose Cap & Lost Filling Repair

Loose cap, loose crown or lost filling? These dental emergencies are no match for Dentemp Premium Lost Filling and Loose Cap Repair. Dentemp is clinically proven to temporarily repair loose caps and crowns and replace lost fillings, while providing instant pain relief.

Dentemp — the #1 selling over the counter dental cement — was developed by a dentist. It is easy to use, and the formula is safe and strong, so you can eat on it in just 2 hours.

If you can't get to the dentist, get Dentemp.

  • Multiple applications
  • Ready to use
  • Eat on it in 2 hours
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Dentemp Loose Cap & Lost Filling Repair provides fast relief of pain and discomfort until you can see your dentist. Dentemp Loose Cap & Lost Filling Repair is pleasant tasting, safe and effective.

CAUTION: This product should not be used if throbbing pain or swelling in affected area exists. Consult your dentist immediately. This product is sold as a temporary remedy. See your dentist as soon as possible for permanent work to be performed. Failure to do so may cause infection and/or serious injury. Store at room temperature with container closed to keep material soft. Lot code on container.

To Replace a Lost Filling: Wash hands. Rinse out cavity with warm water. Do not dry; leave moist. Use applicator to remove a small amount of material from vial, form into a ball with wet fingers and press firmly into cavity. Scrape the material off your finger by scraping your finger along the edge of the tooth. Do not lift your finger straight up as this might loosen the material in the cavity. Bite down several times to ensure proper bite. REMOVE ANY EXCESS MATERIAL. RINSE OUT MOUTH WELL. Allow two (2) hours to set before eating.

To Re-cement Loose Caps or Crowns: Wash hands. Prepare crown by carefully removing as much old cement as possible from inside the crown. Rinse well. Clean and rinse tooth area with water and leave moist. Fit the crown back on the tooth before applying new material. Make sure it fits properly. If you cannot do this, DO NOT PROCEED. See your dentist. Use applicator to remove a small amount of material from vial. Place a very small amount of material along the inside edge of the open end of the crown. Place crown on wet tooth and press firmly. Bite down several times to ensure proper fit. If the bite is not completely comfortable, remove and repeat all steps until the crown feels normal. REMOVE ANY EXCESS MATERIAL. RINSE OUT MOUTH WELL WITH WATER. Allow at least two (2) hours to set before eating. Dentemp Premium Dental Repair can be used to replace a bridge. Dentemp Premium Dental Repair should not be used on implants or posts without dentist’s advice.

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Replace a Lost Filling

Re-cement a Loose Cap or Crown

Ingredients: Calcium Sulfate, Barium Sulfate, Dimethoxytetraethylene Glycol, Zinc Oxide, Eugenol, Ethylmethacrylate Polymer.

Should I use Dentemp if I have throbbing pain or swelling in the affected area?
No. You should consult your dentist immediately. This may be an indication of infection.

When replacing a cap or crown, should I put the cement directly into the center of the cap or crown?
No. Place a small amount of the cement on the upper inside wall of the cap or crown. Place the cap or crown on the tooth and press firmly for several minutes.

When replacing a lost filling, how do I get the ball of cement to stay in the hole?
Place the ball on the tip of your finger and put the ball into the hole of your tooth. Then disengage the cement from your finger by scraping your finger along the side of your tooth.

Should Dentemp be used on a post or implant?
It differs from case to case. Before using on a post or implant, seek your dentist’s advice.

Can Dentemp be used to repair a broken tooth?
No. You should consult your dentist.

Can Dentemp be used to repair a denture?
No. You should use Repair-it or consult your dentist.

Will I get sick if I accidentally swallow Dentemp?

Is there any type of crown on which Dentemp should not be used?
No. Dentemp can be used on any type of crown.

What is Eugenol?
Eugenol is the active ingredient in clove oil. Eugenol helps to alleviate pain.

Can I use Dentemp if I am nursing? If I have a latex allergy? If I have high blood pressure?
Yes. Yes. Yes.

Can I use Dentemp while pregnant?
Consult your obstetrician.

Is Dentemp gluten free?

Can Dentemp be used on children?
Consult your dentist or pediatrician.

My pet got a hold of the product and swallowed it, is it toxic?
Product is nontoxic.

Can product be used on gold crowns?
It depends on how the crown is made. It may work.

Can product be easily removed by dentist?

Can product be used to attach fangs for Halloween?
No. Product is not intended for this use.

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