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Bruxism, or teeth clenching and grinding during sleep, causes a long list of painful symptoms including sleep disruption, headaches, tooth wear and fracture, and pain in the neck, shoulders and back. Most dental guards currently available just don’t get the job done. They are clunky, bulky, they fall out, they make the user drool, or they just simply don’t help. Sound familiar?

The patented Ora-GUARD Custom Fit Dental Guard, from Dentemp, combines a soft surface for comfort, a hard surface for durability, and a wedge design that relaxes the jaw muscles and relieves symptoms of bruxism!  Get Ora-GUARD today, and find the relief you have been looking for!

  • The patented wedge design slides the lower jaw down and forward reducing the effects of teeth grinding and jaw clenching
  • Embedded T-Bars securely hug teeth for a comfortable fit
  • Custom form without a tray
  • Medical grade materials absorb shock & prevent grind-through
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1. Heat water, 3-4 inches deep, until it reaches a rolling boil.
2. Remove boiling water from heating source and let stand for 15 SECONDS.
3. Carefully submerge the Ora-GUARD in the hot water for 90 SECONDS. 4. Using the slotted spoon or fork, carefully remove the Ora-GUARD from from the hot water and place in the cold water for no more than 1 SECOND.
CAUTION: Before placing the Ora-GUARD in your mouth, test its temperature with the tip of your finger. The Ora-GUARD should be at a warm and comfortable temperature.
5. Using a mirror, carefully place the Ora-GUARD on your lower teeth. lining up the “notch” in the center of the band with the center of your lower front teeth.
6. GENTLY bite down on the Ora-GUARD, and form the material to your teeth and gums by sliding and pressing your fingertips inside your mouth or against your cheeks. NOTE: Do not clench down excessively.
7. Press your tongue firmly against the roof of your mouth, and with a light sucking action, create a vacuum chamber effect by drawing out all the air and water.
8. Continue forming the Ora-GUARD with your fingertips.
9. After a total of 2 MINUTES in your mouth place the Ora-GUARD in a bowl of cold water for 5 MINUTES.
10. You should now have a snug, custom-fit Ora-GUARD. If necessary, you may repeat the fitting process 1 more time to improve your fit.
After each use, brush your dental guard with toothpaste and rinse with cool water. Avoid using hot water. Dry your Ora-GUARD thoroughly and use the provided case to store your Ora-GUARD when not in use.

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Fitting Instructions

Check out this video for a quick overview of the fitting process.

Warnings: Do not use: •any dental product without first consulting with a dentist; •as an athletic guard; •if you are under 18 years of age; •if you have TMJ pain or clicking of the jaw; •if you have teeth or jaw pain; •if you have loose teeth; •if you have dental implants, braces, dentures, or other dental appliances; •for more than 3 months without consulting with a dentist. Ask a dentist before use if you have: •serious health problems such as respiratory issues; •mouth sores, bleeding gums, or gum disease; •Cavities without fillings, loose fillings or tooth caps; •difficulty chewing, jaw or teeth pain; •two or more missing teeth. Stop use and ask a dentist if: •you develop loose teeth or a change in your bite; •experience pain, bleeding gums or other irregularities; •the product falls out of your mouth easily or causes you to gag; •the product disrupts breathing. See a dentist every 6 months.

Can it be refitted?
Yes, It can be fitted up to 2 times.

Does it go on the upper or lower teeth?
It is designed for the lower teeth.

Does it contain latex?

Can a child wear it?
No. All dental guards for bruxism (teeth grinding) are intended for use for ages 18 and up. Children under the age of 18 are still in development so dental guards for bruxism are not recommended.

Does it adhere to dental work like caps?
Please consult with your dentist before using a dental guard with any dental appliances. Any dental work could prohibit from getting a proper fit.

What is it made of?
The Ora-GUARD is made of Makrolon and medical grade EVA. Both ingredients are on file with the FDA and are deemed safe and effective for use.

What is the ink made of?
The pad print for OG logo is a food grade ink,  same that is used for pharmaceuticals.

Can I wear it during the day?
It is designed to be worn at night while sleeping.

I have TMJ, can I use this product?
Please consult with your dentist. It is not advised to use if you have TMJ.

What if I don't get a good fitting and it falls off?
Sometimes it doesn't seem the material softens enough to mold to the bottom teeth. Try to refit the guard and leave it in the hot water for 120 seconds vs the 90 seconds on the directions. Also, be careful not to bite down too hard.

My teeth hurt after fitting, what should I do?
It may take up to a week to get used to a new device in the mouth, but do not continue prolonged use if the pain is still there after a week.

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